Industrial & General Purpose Rope, Cord & Twine

Since 1967, C.S.R. Incorporated has been manufacturing the finest quality ropes, cords and twines for Industrial and Commercial applications.  We have worked with the Medical Industry providing traction cord.   We've designed and manufactured custom cord & twine for consumer products like wind chimes and drapery cords.  We've been a trusted supplier of custom tie-down products, rescue ropes, water rescue ropes, fall protection ropes and safety lines.  We are able to meet a wide range of industrial, military & commercial application needs.   

We manufacture the following braid constructions:

Fibers used:


Applications include:

  • General Tie-Down Products
  • Rescue Ropes
  • Fall Protection Ropes
  • Safety Lines
  • Rescue Ropes
  • Traction Cord for Hospitals
  • Wind Chimes
  • Drapery Cords
  • Sash Cord
  • Tent Lines
  • Utility
  • Barrier
  • Crowd Control
  • Tow Line
  • Draw Cords
  • Starter Cord
  • Suspension Lines

Dacron Industrial Braids

Coreless braids used in a variety of industrial applications. Natural (white) in color, Dacron is a low stretch fiber with excellent abrasion and ultra-violet resistance, highly reccommended for outdoor use. In addition to the raw braid, the above items can be heat-set and pre-stretched to stabilize/reduce elongation during use. These items can also be coated or treated with special finishes to increase abrasion resistance.

Mono-Filament Polypropylene Products

Mono-filament Polypropylene ropes are low cost braids used in various industrial applications, but are not suitable when there is danger to life and limb. There are many other braid styles and sizes using Mono-filament Polypropylene.