Nomex Heat Resistant Nylon


Nomex® fiber is an aromatic polyamide (aramid) fiber and can be used in Military and Industrial Applications.   Nomex® excels in performance areas such as flame resistance and thermal protection.  Its thermal technology resists the hazards associated with electric arcs and flash fires–including intense heat and flame.  Nomex is engineered to stand up to flame temperatures in excess of 2,000°F.   Unlike flame-retardant treated materials, Nomex® fibers are inherently flame resistant and will not diminish during the life of the fiber.  The fibers low stiffness and high elongation give it textile-like characteristics.

In addition to its flame resistance, Nomex® fiber offers dimensional stability and resistance to degradation by a wide range of chemicals and industrial solvents.  It shows no embrittlement or degradation at cryogenic conditions (temperatures as low as -320°F.


Nomex® Fiber Properties:

  • Excellent flame resistance and thermal protection
  • Stands up to flame temperatures in excess of 2,000°F
  • Fibers do not melt or drip
  • Outstanding resistance to degradation by radiation
  • Outstanding resistance to degradation at cryogenic conditions
  • Resistant to chemicals and industrial solvents
  • Resistant to insects and fungi
  • Low stiffness of fiber due to chemical bonding arrangement
  • High elongation
  • Cut resistant
  • Abrasion resistant


Nomex® Fiber Applications:

  • Industrial Rope and Cordage
  • Military Rope and Cordage
  • Safety Rope
  • Firefighter Rope
  • Extreme environment Rope and Cord