Twaron® Fiber

Twaron® Fiber

Twaron® is a very strong, light para-aramid fiber (poly-paraphyenylene terephthalamide).  It has a high modulus, and is thermally stable, and highly impact and chemical resistant.  Twaron is 5 times stronger than steel and has little loss of strength during repeated abrasion, flexing and stretching.  Twaron is an outstanding material for ropes that need to meet specific demanding requirements.  Twaron fiber can be twisted or braided into a number of rope constructions.


Twaron® Fiber Properties:

  • Very high tenacity
  • High modulus of elasticity
  • Low creep
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Good fatigue resistance
  • Cut resistant
  • Chemical resistance
  • Good dielectric behavior


Twaron® Fiber Applications:

  • High performance light weight substitute for steel rope
  • Industrial Rope applications
  • Military Applications
  • Sport and extreme sport applications